Okay, so you want to know about my research? You’re in for an exciting ride. If you’re interested in these topics, have sources or information to share, or are writing on something similar, I’m always interested in hearing from those with similar interests. My email is

Current Projects

My current research project is looking at Mary Shelley’s use of the Prometheus myth and the Persephone myth to express ideas about parenthood and maternal roles.

An upcoming research project will be looking at 1970s SF (science fiction, speculative fiction, whichever you prefer) and how the Classics are represented, particularly within feminist works.

I am also writing a historical fiction novel set in early Iron Age Italy.

Ongoing Projects

Camilla and contrasts with other female characters in the Aeneid

Colour and pigments used by the Romans

Past Projects

Necromancy in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses (Master’s Thesis)

The sacred spring at Brauron and use of water in cults of Artemis in Greece

Representation of Italic tribes in Virgil’s Aeneid

Decus Italiae Virgo: Camilla in Virgil’s Aeneid


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