3D Printed Clothes?!

I’m sure some of you have seen this already, but it’s so cool that I need to share for anyone that might have missed it. Danit Peleg, a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, has produced a 5-look collection of clothing made from 3D printed materials.

What really fascinates me about this is the way that the pieces move. Rather than being static plastic, as we might imagine with what we know about 3D printing, the clothes are articulate and flexible. The black-and-white striped skirt in particular is so bouncy that it looks like a lot of fun to wear. Red-jacket-and-dress-600x338-e1437688529182

She printed the shoes, too!

So what this has me thinking about is how fashion is so abstract rather than derivative now. Not completely across the board, of course – I recall recently there were some strongly Greco-Roman inspired collections, they always crop up every now and then – but largely I think the trend has moved away from themed work towards the more abstract. Which is great, in my opinion. This collection sums that up for me, using structure and block colour and geometry to create beautiful and even feminine pieces. I was excited enough about Hussein Chalayan’s transformative clothing back in the late 00’s – seeing clothing and technology fused was like a divine revelation – and this next iteration is so, so interesting.

In case it’s not clear, I would obvs wear something made like this. Wish I had a 3D printer (and all the skills…) to make my own, in fact! What do you think, is this something you’d be into? Do you think there’s a fashion future for technology like this?

Check out Danit Peleg’s website for more photos, process information, and videos of the clothes in motion! Totally worth seeing!


Rose Gold Hair Project

My hair has been an ever-changing palette since I was a teenager. I keep things more tame nowadays, out of laziness, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of glorious pigments from all ends of the rainbow.

I bleached my hair last back in November. It lifted to a dark gold and I’ve left it like that ever since. I’ve got between 2-3 inches of regrowth all over and I refuse to bleach on my own again as I know I won’t be able to adequately cover the regrowth. Not only would the first inch or so of roots lighten so much faster due to being close to the heat of the scalp, but the application would be imprecise along the line of demarcation. So, why not just cover it with brown again, you ask? The problem: I really, really love my blonde hair.

So, let’s talk colour. my goal is to give the blonde a tint that lets it look more harmonious with the regrowth. Blonde hair gets darker when it is dirty and therefore dark roots (when your hair is a medium brown like mine is) end up looking kind of…well, unpleasant. At least in my opinion. I think it’s not as bad in real life. Anyways, this is where I’ve turned to rose gold. Here are my colour inspirations:


Still blonde, but sort of in the brown family, but also kind of pink. I think it’s hard to describe, but kind of beautiful. But how to achieve this on my grown out blonde mess?

comparisonLeft: Sad, static blonde hair, excellent lighting, great eyebrows.
Right: Rose gold glory, deep conditioned hair, awful lighting, eyebrows still on point.

So here is what I did. I bought a container of Punky Color’s Purple semi-permanent hair dye (it’s one of those dyes that teenagers use for multicoloured hair). I pulled out the mixing bowl and brush and a big ol’ bottle of Tresemme conditioner, and a violet-tinted shampoo for good measure. I don’t think the shampoo added anything other than the colour to the mixture, so you can probably safely skip it.


The mixture is probably 1 cup of conditioner with 2 tablespoons purple dye, with about 1 tablespoon violet shampoo. You don’t have to be precise, but be careful with the ratio of dye, as too much and you’ll get actually pink/purple hair.

So I slathered this on my hair, making sure to be very thorough. There’s no rush because as the dye is vegetable based you can leave it in for ages. Once it was done I piled it all on my head and put on a shower cap, and left it for probably 3 hours.

It looked brown on my head, and I totally thought I had gotten the colour combination wrong. But as the purple dye is a red-based purple, I ended up being right on point with the rose-gold tint. I rinsed it all off and blowdried, leaving me with super hydrated hair, totally welcome after a very static-y week.


There are stupid crimps in my hair in the right photo. I tried to do something cute with the straight iron and it wasn’t cute at all.

Here you can see the difference in nice natural lighting. Much warmer, more agreeable colour, less angry demarcation. The change isn’t huge unless you know what to look for. I’m delighted as is with the deep conditioning it got.

So if you’re thinking of going for a rose gold, I say absolutely do it! I love my result and am really happy with how easy it was. I’d recommend this process for anyone with dark gold to light gold blonde hair. I think the yellow base is key to achieving this colour; were my hair a white-blonde it would have stained a very different colour, I imagine. And note that my hair was bleached months ago. It might benefit from some time between bleaching and dyeing, if you’re looking to go the same route from virgin hair.

70s Fashion is Back and Here are My Looks

I’ve been forewarned by fashion writers and magazines that this year we are going to be seeing a lot of 70s inspired clothing. Having grown up watching That 70s Show instead of actually living through the 70s, I’m okay with this.

However, I saw that Jeanne Bekker put together a (admittedly awesome) collection of pieces to inspire you for this upcoming resurgence of suede and fringe, everything she found was naturally outrageously priced. So I’ve been sifting through some of my favourite online stores to find some comparable looks. Let’s do this! Here are three outfits that I think are both wearable and on-trend. (Note all prices are in CAD.)

70s look 1

This first look is cute as hell and I love the fact that I found suede fringe earrings. Okay, so the hat is Catarzi Exclusive to ASOS Floppy Hat, currently at $75.32. You’ll see that the floppy hat is crucial to all my looks here and I will never apologize, as I have a closet full of them ready to be unleashed. These wedge sandals are in a great colour and the woven fronts add texture to the outfit. They’re Modcloth’s Twist and Tell Wedge, currently at $39.99. The dress is also a Modcloth number, and I love the colours at work here. The wrap front and 3/4 sleeves are also very flattering. This is the Good Deed Doer Dress and it is $54.99. The clutch goes really well with the dress, mixing patterns by using different scale of design. This is the ASOS Floral Print Clutch Bag, for $38.73. Finally these cool earrings are NastyGal’s Angelina Suede Hoop Earrings, for $31.81.

70s look 2

Not too much of a departure in pattern from the dress above, this top is cute and easy to wear, and is the Straight-cut Shirt from H&M for only $19.95. I wasn’t about to leave bell-bottomed pants off this list so I opted to include a dark wash jean that is much easier to wear with a flare at the bottom than a light wash. This pair is the ASOS Bell Flare Jeans in Deep Blue, for $75.32. The clog, which is the Clogging Miles Heel from Modcloth for $69.99, has a strap so they won’t go flying off like clogs usually tend to do. The studs along the side are a great detail as well. For texture and some obligatory fringe I picked the Star Mela Sari Embellished Clutch with Zip Top, which is a bit pricey at $161.39, but I bet you could find something similar at Winners, honestly. Finally the necklace is Modcloth’s Vivid Verve Necklace for $24.99, which I absolutely love. Again keeping with that mid-brown tone and the gold finish pairs well with the patterned top.

70s look 3

These warm and earthy colours, particularly mustard, are what I think of as an iconic colour palette for the 70s. Here we have the Suede Skirt from H&M for $129, along with an Embroidered Shirt with Collar from Zara for $79.90. Really cute together, simple and straightforward. I think a dark pair of coloured tights would really add atmosphere to the look so I picked this pair of burgundy Ribbed Knit Tights from Forever 21 for $9.90. The texture of the ribbing is pretty complementary as well. I wanted to balance the feminine top with a pair of neutral boots, so these are a pair of $34.95 Ankle Boots from H&M. I wanted to play more with material and textures for the accessories so I chose the Disc-y Business Necklace from Modcloth for $27.99, and the fantastic Brixton Piper Wool Hat in Mustard, $82.70 at NastyGal.

So there we have it. Three different 70s inspired looks that I think are rather manageable and quite wearable without looking like you’re at some sort of costume event. Now, if only it was warm enough to wear them!