Skull and Leaves Painting

skull and leaves

Did this one yesterday morning. Why was this the first thing I thought to paint after I woke up? Maybe I had some weird dreams.

Again, check out my new DeviantArt here.


Little Fish


This was a quick painting I did this morning after I woke up rather early. I’m trying to work at creating impact with simple lines and shapes, and also exploring more colours. I tend to stick to reserved palettes if I’m not paying attention.

I also started a DeviantArt account! If you have one then, um…add me? I’m not entirely sure how it works yet. Here’s the link. I’d love to check out your art if you have one as well!

The Hardiest Flowers

Lettering isn’t the easiest thing in the world. After a few projects I think I should really dig out a ruler to work with. But something about the awkward and unbalanced lines is rather endearing to me.

This lettering was fun, trying out the different fonts. The text I chose was from a poem from my poetry blog, written back in 2013.

   rows on rows of violets
are in an overexposed photograph
tucked into the corner of your mirror
I stare while standing
fixing my hair;
you are in the background
(still asleep)

I may wait for a moment to
examine the comparison between
the plushness of the carpet
and your tender skin

there I find
rows and rows of violet
scars running down your thighs and
forearms. I kiss each bloom
for the sweetest nectar flows
from the hardiest flowers


Hope you like this piece!

Something I’ve been working on

I’ve been doing watercolours every night for a while now and this page of bunnies was too cute not to share. I’m experimenting with ways of getting my watercolours onto the computer and cleaning them up visually — right now the process is to take a photo of the page in very good light with my DSLR and then up the white balance and tinker with the blank space in photoshop. I think these little guys look pretty good, all things considered!

Who doesn’t love a bunch of lumpy fat little bunnies?

Trash Cat by Kelsey Goldych

I saw this really cute video online and thought I’d share it. I love watching projects from film students. They’re always short but really well thought out, you can see a lot of the influences they’ve had on a pretty surface level, but at the same time they’re not jaded by the industry yet. It’s a lot of fun. Check out Trash Cat, by Kelsey Goldych. Relatable, right?

Blog Post Ideas: 30 Days of Art Blogging

I’m sure you all remember my art blogging project from last month. I thought I would compile a version of the challenge into an easy list that you can try for yourself! I don’t think the topics are overly challenging, but should inspire you to do a little research and thinking. Maybe you’ll even discover some new things yourself!

These topics should interest those who love art, art history, and create art either casually or professionally.


Don’t hesitate to share if you think you know anyone who might want to take part of this challenge! And if you do it yourself, let me know! I’d love to see what other art bloggers have to share.