My name is Rebecca and I’m a graduate student in Classics and English. My true research focus is a combination of the two, Classical Receptions. I’m based right now in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I’ve done work on the following texts, and you’ll find lots about them on my blog, probably: Virgil’s Aeneid (especially Book 11), Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, John Milton’s Paradise Lost, and a bunch of miscellaneous science fiction texts. I’m also interested in Classics in film and television, and I’m getting an introductory education into digital humanities this year.

Outside of academic work (which is a reality I often forget about), I play music (piano, guitar, and other stringed things), create art (primarily watercolour, oil, and collage), write fiction (in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction), and take photographs with my Nikon D5100.

I have a fantastic golden retriever named Madeline, and she features prominently on my instagram and twitter. She is sometimes subjected to wearing adorable sweaters. I promise she doesn’t mind, much.

If you’ve got something you want me to write about, or check out, or perhaps shamelessly endorse, try contacting me and we’ll see what’s up. I could also be persuaded to guest post or develop content for interesting projects, if they come up.

Here are some links to other stuff of mine:

Twitter // Photo Portfolio // Academia.edu // Instagram


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