Willful Neglect? & A poem

Oh, my poor blog. You’re the first one to suffer when life becomes too hectic. Well, ‘life’ is a bad way to describe it. Academic focus. Educational experimental existence. Maybe that’s more apt.

I’m applying for SSHRC funding for next year to try and do my PhD over in England. Is this a daring move of financial instability? Well, only if I can’t get all the funding I apply for. Consequently I am working very hard on applications and proposals. I’m currently logging ridiculous 13-14 hour days and have no time for social activity. Remarkably I have been using what little downtime I have for creative writing, and I’m shopping around a few pieces to various outlets. I’ll keep you posted as that develops.

As a consolation prize I have written a short poem for you all. Are you ready? Try and guess what it’s about, it’s very cryptic.

Staring at the baseboard at a bug crawling. The apartment
is underground and so is only a luxury colony
with myself as the queen. I stopped killing the bugs months
ago. The floor is spotlessly clean; the counters, clean. 
You wouldn’t expect that in the home of a thousand tenants.

Do you think…maybe…I’m excited about moving out of this apartment??? 😉


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