Another Suitcase in Another Hall

I didn’t think I’d be saying this again so soon, but I’m moving. Even though I just settled into this apartment at the beginning of September, I’ve suddenly had a better offer come up for a bigger space that I can’t turn down. I don’t have a lease here, so I told my landlady today that I’m out at the end of the month. I hate being a jerk, especially since she’s been nothing but lovely.

However, this place has spiders. I don’t just mean one or two. There are literally dozens and I kill them frequently. I’m usually of the type that captures bugs and sends them outside, but it’s just pointless to try and do that here. Today I found a giant cricket in my bathroom, and a handful of pill bugs too. It’s just too much nature for me. I can’t deal with this. Not to mention there are only two tiny windows, since it’s a basement, and I need light like a plant. So I am moving.

The new place is fantastic. It has a washer and dryer (oh my god, right?) and a proper space for me to put my office away from my creative stuff. There’s a big backyard so my dog can come and stay with me instead of going to the kennel when my folks are away, which is a pretty big deal. The only downside is its rather far from the main part of town, but honestly I can deal with it. There’s too many things going for it aside from that.

So I’ve been scouring pinterest making a board for minimalist bedrooms, since that’s what I’ve been dreaming of all day, and planning trips to the local coop to see what furniture they have that I can paint. And what’s more, I can have plants!! How exciting is that? Real daylight means real plants and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve also been vlogging all month; anyone following me on twitter knows this already, but I’ll embed the latest vlog here just in case that interests anyone else. They’re more of just video diaries, since most of my days are simply doing schoolwork, but I’m enjoying the process, in any case.

If you guys have any cool DIYs for minimalist apartments (and by that I guess I mean things to paint white?) then send them my way! xo


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