Podcast Recommendations for October

I’ve always got a ton of podcasts on the go, I listen to them constantly at home (like having a radio on), when walking to work, travelling… they’re pretty much always on. I have a couple that I listen to old episodes of, some that come out reliably certain days of the weeks, others I can’t really count on. But I wanted to share a handful of good ones with you guys. That’s what I really love about the podcasting community, really — a lot of sharing the love.

Anyways, here’s what I recommend right now:

  1. Nocturne
    I’m not totally through all the uploaded episodes but I really like this podcast so far. A very atmospheric project exploring the nighttime and all the things that happen there. Great for listening to when driving at night (as long as you aren’t prone to getting sleepy). Also nice in the library. Check it out here!
  2. Emperors of Rome
    I listen to quite a few history podcasts but this one is really easy to get into. Lots of good stories are told and the episodes are a great length, you don’t have to commit hours at a time so it doesn’t feel like a lecture. I end up listening to a bunch all in a row, but that’s just me… here’s the iTunes link (it’ll open right in iTunes, so watch out!)
  3. Overdue
    One of my favourite book podcasts because it’s so funny. They just finished doing a big Tolkien marathon and it was quite nice to hear someone go through it for the first time — and maybe I was totally ignorant before but I had no idea how much hatred everyone has for Tom Bombadil? I’m still all about it, though. Their Outlander episode and Little House on the Prairie episode were also really excellent. Here’s their website.
  4. One Shot
    If you like tabletop RPG gaming, and don’t take it too seriously, then you’ll love this. Not to say they don’t follow the rules, but this sounds a lot like the games my brother and I have run, and we definitely get a lot of laughs out of it. They run through many different campaigns, my faves have been the most recent 13th Age, Sailor Moon, and Inspectres. I put this one on when my brother was in town and we both agreed that James D’Amato is a great DM. Find their website here.

I’m always looking for more recommendations of what to listen to, so leave me a comment or send a tweet my way (@reblize) to tell me what I should be listening to! Even shows that are brand new, I enjoy getting in there before the crowds… hope you check some of these out. If you want to see the podcasts I recommended last time, click here to read my January podcast picks. xo


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