Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Here in good ol’ Canada it’s thanksgiving weekend, and as is usual I am not travelling home for the ensuing feast. In the past years it’s been because I was living in another province, but this year it’s just because I am far too busy to spend the whole weekend down on the South Shore. My parents were rather cross at first but I think they’ve forgiven me. At least I am going to try and go home next weekend, instead.

I got a big haul of green things from the farmer’s market this morning to make a vegetarian banquet for myself tomorrow — no doubt surrounded by stacks of books and piles of paper, as per usual — and just looking at them makes me rather happy. I got the lot for about $12 which is pretty good, all things considered. When was the last time I paid $2.50 for a cauliflower?! It’s crazy, in St. John’s I was buying them for at least $6 a head. And since they are a most exemplary vegetable, I think I’ll have to buy a couple next time rather than just the one.

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 8.27.14 PM

I’m sorry to be missing seeing all my family tomorrow but I’m lucky enough to live nearby to most of them. What are all of you out in the blog world doing this weekend? I suppose only my fellow Canucks are having thanksgiving, but I hope you’re all enjoying a relaxing weekend, wherever you are!


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