Best Things About Acadia, MUN, and Guelph

Have you guessed that I’m a little busy with school? That is, unfortunately, to blame for my lack of daily posting on my blog. I’ve got a bunch of deadlines and a lot of rather large projects on the go. But nevermind that now!

I’ve been thinking about all the Canadian universities that I have been to, and decided that in retrospect I would tell you what the absolute best parts of each have been. Why not the worst parts? Well, I don’t want to be that kind of pessimistic person today. If you want to know, ask me in the comments, I’ll let you have the real scoop.

Attended: 4 years

Guelph had tons of school spirit and a really strong community, unlike any other place I’ve lived/attended. The town was separate enough from the campus that both seemed to exist independent of one another, but still intrinsically linked. It was a real organic scene there and being vegetarian was so easy. Food on campus was unreal. Class sizes were big for general first year courses, small in the upper years. Lots of places to hang out, socialize, and study on campus. Bus pass included in tuition so that was easy and great. Access to Toronto was awesome. And finally, having the agricultural side of the campus meant I could go see horses and dogs and pigs whenever I wanted!

Attended: 2 years

Such a well-funded university. Tons of opportunity for research and teaching experience on campus, and a really big community of graduate students. I was given a lot of free reign to follow my interests here. The city was really pretty during some parts of the year, seeing icebergs come into the harbour in the early summer was awesome. Downtown culture was fun and going out was a great time. Really diverse academic community, seems to attract students from all over the world. Generally nice people everywhere. Also, fantastic library.

Attended: 1 year (still going!)

Small campus, easy to find everything and access resources. People remember who you are because there’s not that many students running around. Really pretty town and great access to trails and the Bay of Fundy. Everything is pretty much within walking distance, Main Street has most things you would need. High academic standard and good reputation. Real focus on teaching skills that will be useful going forward in academia.

I’m sure I can add to the Acadia list after a few more months of being here. But I’m pretty well satisfied with all my experiences at university… at the end of the day, they’ve all been great. Don’t remind me of things I said when deadlines were looming… I can’t be held accountable for judgements made under thesis stress!!!


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