I’m a Medium! Well, okay, not that kind.

Blog friends, have you heard about Medium? I’m not here to sell you on it, but it’s an interesting social media platform for writers that I’ve been dabbling with. It’s all in long-form posts, but without the personalization of a blog. Lots of the posts I see on there are cross-posted on the author’s personal websites.

I’m not sure where it’s headed, but I am enjoying a lot of the reading material on there. I have posted one essay, just to test the waters. “Can’t Repeat The Past?”: Why I Chose Grad School (Again) is a little story about my experience going into university, and why I decided to stick with my academic penchant for the next year, at least.

Check it out if you’re interested, and add me as a friend? Follower? I’m not sure what lingo they use. But if you’re on there I’ll follow/friend/whatever you back. For once I’m ahead of the social media game and secured @otrera as my username. I’m still @reblize on twitter, as you all know. Because you’re all following me on twitter, right? I post great stuff. Or maybe I don’t. You’ll have to go find out for yourself.

(p.s. I have some more art to post this upcoming week. Look forward to it!)


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