Iliad Live

I’m a few days behind the times in posting about this – I was away all weekend – but on Friday I enjoyed a couple of hours of the Iliad Live, a performance put on by the Almeida Theatre and the British Museum. Over 60 performers read out sections of the Iliad, and livestreamed the event online so all could enjoy.

It was a tremendous undertaking and some of the sections that I watched were so awesomely powerful – Lisa Dwan, Samuel West for instance – that it really renewed my love for the story. You all know I focus so much of my time on the Aeneid, so it’s easy to forget how compelling that earlier tale can be.

If you missed out on watching it (or want to enjoy parts of it again) they are turning the recording into a series of podcasts, and releasing a making-of film. I’ll post again when the podcast is made available, I think I’ll definitely be checking it out. Or at least the sections of my favourite books.

Here’s the event page if you want to see the list of all the performers from that day!


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