The Hardiest Flowers

Lettering isn’t the easiest thing in the world. After a few projects I think I should really dig out a ruler to work with. But something about the awkward and unbalanced lines is rather endearing to me.

This lettering was fun, trying out the different fonts. The text I chose was from a poem from my poetry blog, written back in 2013.

   rows on rows of violets
are in an overexposed photograph
tucked into the corner of your mirror
I stare while standing
fixing my hair;
you are in the background
(still asleep)

I may wait for a moment to
examine the comparison between
the plushness of the carpet
and your tender skin

there I find
rows and rows of violet
scars running down your thighs and
forearms. I kiss each bloom
for the sweetest nectar flows
from the hardiest flowers


Hope you like this piece!


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