Halifax Buskerfest (minus any real buskers)

My friend needed help with some post-moving errands yesterday so bro and I went downtown to lend a hand, and afterwards we went down to the waterfront for some exploring. It’s that busker time of year again and since this is a holiday weekend the place was absolutely packed. We parked down by Pier 21 as there was promise of a shuttle bus that would run us back there after walking to the other far end of the waterfront (took 40 minutes of waiting for it to show up at the end of the day, but it was only a dollar, so.)

The Queen Mary II was in port, also! It was hands down the biggest cruise ship that I’ve ever seen myself. I’m not really much of a cruising person but from the land I certainly enjoyed seeing it. Couldn’t take a photo to demonstrate the size quite accurately.IMG_3252

Anyway, I title this ‘minus any real buskers’ because it was just too damn crowded to see anything, and too hot to wait around in the sun for a spot to open up. I saw the top of one performer’s head and that was about it. We could hear them through the crowds, though. I mostly felt sympathy for having to perform in direct sun, no shade at all on the stages. Brutal.

Lots to eat though, I had a heartwood bowl from their stand on the waterfront that I had been keen to eat from for a long time. I like the restaurant and last time I went I split one of the bowls, but had peanut sauce which I don’t actually much like. Spicy tomato this time made it much tastier.


There was one photo I did manage to take of some sidewalk art that was pretty astounding. You might have seen it on my twitter or instagram yesterday, but let’s share it here for posterity. Can you imagine being this talented that you could do this with sidewalk chalk? Blows my mind.


Sure glad it hasn’t rained this weekend, for that artists’ sake!

Did any of you get out to the Buskers this weekend? They’re performing today and tomorrow as well, as far as I’m aware. I’m spending today working the bar at an event in the afternoon and going to a Ceilidh for music and fireworks after. No plans for Natal Day tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something!


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