3D Printed Clothes?!

I’m sure some of you have seen this already, but it’s so cool that I need to share for anyone that might have missed it. Danit Peleg, a graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, has produced a 5-look collection of clothing made from 3D printed materials.

What really fascinates me about this is the way that the pieces move. Rather than being static plastic, as we might imagine with what we know about 3D printing, the clothes are articulate and flexible. The black-and-white striped skirt in particular is so bouncy that it looks like a lot of fun to wear. Red-jacket-and-dress-600x338-e1437688529182

She printed the shoes, too!

So what this has me thinking about is how fashion is so abstract rather than derivative now. Not completely across the board, of course – I recall recently there were some strongly Greco-Roman inspired collections, they always crop up every now and then – but largely I think the trend has moved away from themed work towards the more abstract. Which is great, in my opinion. This collection sums that up for me, using structure and block colour and geometry to create beautiful and even feminine pieces. I was excited enough about Hussein Chalayan’s transformative clothing back in the late 00’s – seeing clothing and technology fused was like a divine revelation – and this next iteration is so, so interesting.

In case it’s not clear, I would obvs wear something made like this. Wish I had a 3D printer (and all the skills…) to make my own, in fact! What do you think, is this something you’d be into? Do you think there’s a fashion future for technology like this?

Check out Danit Peleg’s website for more photos, process information, and videos of the clothes in motion! Totally worth seeing!


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