A wonderful pride-filled weekend!

Hello everyone! I had a very busy weekend in Halifax attending and marching in the Pride Parade. It was a lot of fun, and so well attended. A little rain at the beginning didn’t put anyone off and I’m so glad.


Photo by the Dal Student Union, from the back of the float!

I’m half-hidden by a sign in this photo, but I’m in there! My brother joined my friend and I partway through, as well. We marched with the Dalhousie crew, even though I’m not a student – but bro is an alumnus and my friend works there, so it’s all good. They were an enthusiastic bunch and they had plenty of shirts and signs to share!


Our float apparently won best non-profit entry! That’s pretty cool. But after we reached the end of the parade route we were really hungry and went to La Fresca for another unreasonably delicious meal. That’s a post for another day, though.

Did any of you readers go to Pride? I didn’t get out to a lot of events besides the flag raising and the parade. It was a great schedule of events for the week though!


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