The Return of Xena?!

There are few things I was expecting less to see when scrolling through the internet today than an article announcing that NBC is looking for a writer to start a reboot of your favourite and mine, Xena: Warrior Princess. Is there a more influential show for Classicists of my particular age bracket? I remember many a day spent in university reminiscing about the best episodes that we watched as kids, and having friends over for viewings of the best episodes (and the ensuing fights over which would be deemed the best episode).

Now, like so many things, this may just be a rumour that disappears into the hollywood abyss after surfacing, but I’m going to hold onto hope. Lucy Lawless has been so adamant about getting the show, or a reincarnation thereof, onto the air, that to finally hear something official about it is fantastic. Of course there’s the chance that it’ll be strangely derivative, but I’d still watch it. I’m sure a lot of us would.

Is this news exciting for anyone else? They seem to be looking for a writer for the project (I volunteer!!!) so no knowing what direction it might take after that. I can only hope that they keep the original campiness while perhaps upping the special effects budget. There are so many characters I’d love to see brought to the screen again… oh, the possibilities!!

Me watching Xena for some reason
Me watching Xena for some reason

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