The Lifers/Keats Conlon in Halifax

My brother’s friend from high school and his sister came to visit from Guelph over the weekend. They were going to see some friends perform at the Cafe Cempoal de la Calavera Negra in Halifax, so we tagged along to support talent from our old stomping grounds (I forget how much I miss the Guelph culture after being away so long). It was a fun night, all very nice people and some really passionate musicians.

I took some tremendously bad photos. Why haven’t I upgraded my phone yet? The problem is that my contract is such a very low monthly fee that if I upgrade I’ll lose the great deal that I have. I’m not here for that. Have to remind myself to bring the good camera with me on outings, even if it’s a pain to drag around.



Keats Conlon, now a resident of the great city of Halifax, opened up with some cool originals.



Followed by The Lifers, who are on a cross-country tour. Friends of Joel (whose back of head is displayed here…) and Guelphites!


The first of a couple singalongs. They brought a few others up for a rendition of Wagon Wheel (probably the most angelic rendition ever done, but still fun) and I didn’t snag another photo.

It was a good night, even managed to drag out one of my other Hali friends despite his self-proclaimed guitarphobia (he’s a bit of a Classical type). I know I don’t spend enough time appreciating the North end of Halifax, so this was a good time. I won’t mention much about the meal we had at the Wooden Monkey before it because it was the first time I was really disappointed by something I ate there. To be fair, I wasn’t jazzed to go there in the first place, since I always spend too much money. The visitors were insistent and I was outnumbered. The chickpea salad was fantastic, though.

Anyways, I’ll throw in one of The Lifers’ tracks from bandcamp. Let me know if you check it out, tell me what you think:


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