Can’t Stop Mentally Writing; Now To Paper

I’ve got a lot of book ideas. I’ve also written a lot but never done anything with them. But I’m on the third day of my new resolution, to stop being a perfectionist when it comes to my writing, art, and music. And boy, has it been a liberating couple of days.

I’m attempting to be as dedicated to my historical fiction novel as possible, but there are always new ideas cropping up that I want to pursue. Specifically, I’m thinking about taking my research from my thesis on necromancy and turning it into a general interest book. I think it’s just such an interesting subject, to see how the topic was presented in ancient literature and even in material culture. I want to eventually do a comparison between ancient depictions and those in modern media and literature. I know, I know, this is rather niche. But I remember reading lots of books about mummies and paranormal things as a kid and they were a lot of fun. This might be along the same vein as that.

But that aside, I’m doing dismally in my participation of Camp Nanowrimo this month. I had signed up with the best of intentions as I had a huge burst of writing energy at the end of June, but alas I have yet to type up anything since then. My virtual cabin-mates must think I’ve abandoned them. But no fear, I shall eventually prevail and return to my fiction. I always do.


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