Whirlwind Shopping in Mahone Bay and Lunenburg

I was in Mahone Bay over the weekend showing my visiting friend around. My brother and I have explored the south shore pretty thoroughly in past summers but this was the first time we’ve been out further west than Chester in a while. It was a low key day as we all were pretty hung over after our 4th of July party (okay, the date was just coincidental, we are Canadian after all).

IMG_3122I found out the antique store I loved on the lower floor of the Mug & Anchor Pub was closed. Very disappointed, luckily the town was pretty busy and there was an open-air market in the parking lot of the Saveasy. I picked up this squirrel picture by local artist Eli Bondarenko, and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on it since it went up on my shelf. It’s hella cute and I’ve been making the move towards more colourful art so this fits right in.

My friend asked me why I picked the squirrel so I had to admit to her the time I ran over one two summers ago. I swear the little guy ran out in front of my car, right on the driver’s side, looked up at me, and threw up its tiny arms with a scream before being hit by the car. It was almost comical if it hadn’t clearly scarred me forever. Ever since then I’ve been sort of extremely tender towards squirrels.

I brought the others to Bluestone Magik & Enchanted Crystal, which despite the name has mostly tourist souvenirs and toys. But I did find a really pretty chakra bracelet – no photo of it right now but I’ll be wearing it often.

We also made it over to Lunenburg, and before having an early dinner at the Salt Shaker Deli (my fave in Lunenburg) we shopped over at Dots + Loops and The Moon Grove Folklore and Mysterious Gifts. Two stores I hadn’t been to before but we had a great look around and my friend bought some gifts for her sister’s new baby. I was really inspired by the stuff at Dots + Loops, lots of local brands and products. Whoever does the buying for that store does a fantastic job, it was kind of immaculately curated.

Just wanted to share what I’ve been up to over the past few days! I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on this week but I’ve got some things I have been working on that I’ll be posting soon. xo


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