June’s Food Truck Rally

Here I was, thinking I had already shared my photos and tales from the Halifax Food Truck Party. I supposed I had only tweeted about it on the day of the event. Well, let me tell you, I discovered something about myself, something perhaps I would be better off not knowing.

It’s that I really, really like the food that comes out of food trucks.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the fact is that I’m a picky eater and vegetarian so I presumed there wouldn’t be a lot to entice me. But a mysterious thing happened…after standing in line for half an hour in the blistering sun, fighting the hoards to get my share, I was no longer a picky eater. I ate things I never would have chosen in other circumstances. This, my friends, is a rare event.

There’s actually another food truck event I’m participating in next weekend, so I wasn’t in a rush to try every vendor. I got a vegetarian taco from The Edible Sideshow, which featured refried beans, some sort of avocado sauce, red cabbage, onions, feta, and a few other things mixed in. Not a food I normally would pick as I’m a very messy eater, but I saw them in the crowd being devoured and knew I had to have one.


Then I had half of two grilled cheeses from the Halifax Press – one was a traditional with three kinds of cheese, very smokey, excellent garlic bread from Julien’s bakery. The second was cheese with sliced red onions and shaved asparagus, served with a balsamic dip. The vinegar took it to unreal proportions, and I had never thought of shaving asparagus before. That’s one I will definitely try and replicate on my own.


Rounding this out, I had a cup of Mac and cheese from the Kitchen Door Catering Company, which halfway through I regretted purchasing only because it was so rich and I was getting very full. Bro had the same but with pulled pork on his, which he seemed to enjoy.

We finished the day with fresh squeezed lemonades, mine flavoured with cucumber and orange blossoms. It tasted like a spa and made me feel better about the amount of cheese I ate over the course of the event.

There was admission by donation at the natural history museum, outside of which the event was being held, so we took a stroll through. The whole thing was well put together, great energy, and a really friendly crowd. There’s another day organized by The Coast again next month which we may attend – I think it’s during pride week, so I’ll be in the city quite a lot as is. Now I can only count the days until the rally next weekend! Can’t wait to try out the new vendors.


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