Art Blog 22: An early conclusion

So here we are, nearly to the end of June, and I’m throwing in the towel on my month of art blogging. Why is this, you may ask? Well, two reasons. First, most of the fun prompts have already been completed. The last week or so of topics weren’t nearly as interesting to approach. I may have to revise them and come back to this later.

The second reason is that I am just tremendously busy with other writing projects right now. I’ve got a deadline at the end of the month, and my actual research job has been ignored too many times, unfortunately. I’m getting back on top of everything this week, but it’s unfortunately too much to be keeping up with these extensive daily posts.

But on the bright side, what things are coming up soon on Otrera? Well, the second series of Classical Maidens will be starting soon — you’ll see a compilation of the first series sooner rather than later, and then we’ll begin with the next featured character. There’s a few more weeks of Brauron posts left, though I feel like I could go on forever with those, if I didn’t stop myself! I’m also working on a new mythology series that will involve retellings of some less popular myths from the Greeks and Romans. That’ll come along eventually.

I want to thank everyone for their support during Art Month! I would like to eventually compile the 30-days of topics so that you can attempt the challenge yourself, if you so wish. It has been a lot of fun!


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