Art Blogging 21: Learning through youtube

I think a lot of people (especially older artists i’ve talked to) are surprised to learn that there’s a huge community of artists on youtube giving lessons for free. I’ve used them plenty of times for graphic design projects, where a lot of technical skill comes in handy, but there are also lots for more traditional mediums that have a lot to offer.

I’m going to share three videos with you today that I’ve found informative and useful in learning new techniques, or improving upon ones I am familiar with.

This demonstration of encaustic painting to create a landscape with foxgloves is fascinating. I’ve already prattled on elsewhere about my fondness for encaustic art and even though this video is rather long, I think it’s quite worth the watch. I suspect a problem I would have with this is determining when the work was done – this is one thing these videos might help with.

What would a post like this be without a video from the legendary Bob Ross himself? It’s a rare moment that I see one of his videos on television anymore, so thankfully they are mostly available on the web. This cloud video is particularly nice. Painting a happy little cloud together.

Finally, a watercolour tree tutorial. Very clear and professional production values, and a subject matter I just can’t seem to master. I’m optimistic that more videos like this will help me to create something at least tolerably nice out of watercolour. One can only hope…


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