Art blogging 20: Art in the news roundup!

I skimmed through the news lately and found a number of interesting articles to share that relate to art and what we’ve been discussing in this series lately. Take a look and see if there’s anything here that catches your interest too!

Why Jackson Pollock gave up paintinga look at the ‘second act’ of Pollock’s career in its own right, rather than as a derivative phase following his pre-50s success. Related to a new exhibit at the Tate Liverpool.

Student Anna Rhodes uncovers painting’s real identity: a master’s art student re-identifies the subject of a 15th century Renaissance painting.

World’s most inaccessible art found in the heart of Colombian jungle: images of crocodiles, deer, and jaguars painted in red on a rock face in a UNESCO heritage site. Cool photos!

Google trains computers to create their own, trippy, art: Pretty weird and cool article, interesting to have computers programmed for creative thinking (creative processing, rather)!

Maintenance worker trashes contemporary art: every so often an article like this crops up, where a maintenance worker or janitor or custodian mistakes modern art for garbage. Hard to blame them for just doing their jobs…maybe these works of art need better signage.

Did you see anything interesting about art in the news recently? Share in the comments below if so!


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