Unreasonably Good Pizza

I seem to have a backlog of restaurant reviews I’ve been wanting to share with you all. The problem might be that I go out to eat too often, but I digress. I was out with my brother in Halifax the other day, and after he had a job interview we went to Salvatore’s Pizzaiolo Trattoria in the Hydrostone area for some pizza. He had been there before, but i hadn’t since the space was occupied by Little Italy, which was our favourite place for pasta.

Since sharing my glee over what I ate at Salvatore’s over social media I’ve quickly come to find that it’s no secret how amazing their pizzas are. I had friends from other provinces sharing their excitement at my visit to this place, telling me what they had eaten when they made trips into Hali. But enough about that, you want to see some food photos, right? In true my-fashion I only had my phone’s camera, but I think the results are pretty illustrative.

IMG_2976 IMG_2977

On the left you see my pizza, a slice already missing. I ordered the Bianco in Stephano, a white pizza with mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, romano, onions, fresh tomato (I mean really, really fresh) and herbs with lemon. On the right is my brother’s, The Pomodoro, with sundried tomatoes, black olives, garlic, and feta. I didn’t happen to sample his but it got great reviews. I’m rather fussy when it comes to pizza crusts and mine was very good, apparently this was the thin crust though I can’t imagine wanting anything thicker – apparently the regular crust is even higher and I’m not sure I would love it. As it was, the toppings were fantastic and I didn’t really realize how many cheeses there were until now. Great flavours, ingredient¬†quality was excellent. Some of the freshest tasting tomatoes I’ve ever had on a pizza or in any restaurant dish, for that matter. They had basil plants growing in the front window of the restaurant so I can only wonder if there were tomatoes growing somewhere too. But I digress, this was a most excellent pie. I saved some of it to take home and ended up eating it for dinner, wishing there was more.

I’d be quite happy to go back for another option on their menu sometime, as most of the combinations are vegetarian (!!!) and the restaurant space is so much brighter since they combined the two shop spaces into one (Little Italy was quite dark, I recall, there was also a big curtain wall? Can’t quite remember). The staff were all so nice and seemed genuinely happy to be there. They mustered more pleasant enthusiasm than I ever have in my years of customer service. Not a high bar, I realize, but I truly mean this as a compliment. All involved in this restaurant should be proud of the business they’ve created, it’s really something special.



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