From somewhere in Cape Breton

I’m on a bit of a road trip right now, albeit a short one. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled life tomorrow. But today I am in Sydney, Cape Breton, enjoying all the sights it has to offer – or at least, the lobby of a lovely hotel, and later a visit to the big fiddle downtown. Yes, I’ll take a photo, and share it tomorrow.

I haven’t been to Cape Breton for a purpose other than going to the Newfoundland Ferry before this. And as you might imagine, those were not my favourite trips. So being able to enjoy this part of the province without any looming dread is rather nice. I’ve taken a handful of photos of the highlands but they are rather difficult to capture in such a small frame. Perhaps if I had a helicopter at my disposal I could manage some great aerial shots. No such luck, however.

I haven’t had the chance to visit Scotland yet, but I think this is a nice sight in the interim. I’ve been told that the landscape between the East Coast of Canada and parts of Europe (especially the UK) were once connected way back in Pangea days, so the similarities between the two aren’t just a coincidence.DSC_0860


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