Art Blogging 15: What inspires me

Halfway though my Art Blogging month. Can you hardly believe it?? Today’s post is a little more relaxed than normal, as I’m pondering over what sorts of things inspire me when it comes to art. A bit of self-reflection, maybe self-discovery, if you will.

I want to say that most obviously it is the tales from history and mythology that I work with in my discipline that inspire me the most. I think that art is a fantastic way of interpreting and understanding some very human aspects of the ancient world. I find this particularly to be true in my writing (historical fiction), but also in the art that I enjoy and produce.

The things I read recreationally also get my creative mind working, especially fantasy and translated works (there’s always some element of poetry to things forced into the english language). More than anything, though, I’d say that it is the life and style of being in Nova Scotia that visibly influences what I produce. We have a neighbour that produces the most stunning watercolour paintings of dorey boats from the cove, and I can only hope to one day have a fraction of talent like that.

It’s probably easy to draw inspiration from anything that you really love and enjoy. I think most interesting is seeing how those things translate into the works you produce. It may not be visible for everyone to see, but I think the artist’s eye can always spot a little of what they love in the things they create.


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