Art Blogging 13: British Gallery Rec.: Nottingham Castle

I remember living in England so vividly. I suppose it was only a year, but it was filled with so much positivity and adventure for me that it seems like much longer. For my 21st birthday I did a trip up north and stopped in Nottingham along the way, to climb up to Nottingham castle and have a look around. Though my exposure to the town was short, it was rather positive, and I’m recommending the castle as my gallery of choice in England.

Image via
Image via

To get to the castle you must climb up through the town to the hill it sits on. Not for the faint of heart, but not an overwhelming hike (perhaps my memory is distorted from living in Plymouth at St. John’s, lands of overwhelming hills, but it didn’t seem so bad). The gardens were beautiful and terribly interesting all the way up. The castle itself is rather lovely, a big square-looking building perched over the entire city. A very historically active site with the original castle being built in 1067, the current building has, if I recall correctly, an interesting museum exhibit on the bottom floor that explores the history of the site and region. On the upper levels are art gallery spaces, which have changing exhibits. When I was there I seem to remember something to do with the Olympics and Chinese silks. I don’t believe I took any photographs (probably weren’t permitted).

Currently on exhibit starting June 20th 2015 is called One Day, Something Happens: Paintings of People and is curated by Jennifer Higgie. A glimpse at the exhibit description and images featured indicate that it will be a very dynamic presentation and one that I wish I was in the country to attend. I’d love to hear some feedback from anyone who is able to make it to the gallery for the exhibit! Check out the website here for more information.


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