Art Blogging 10: A new medium

Already at post #10, I can hardly believe it! Today’s post is going to talk about an artistic medium that I’ve recently been looking at, and would like to eventually try out (whenever I can gather all the supplies): encaustic!

I first came across this medium watching youtube tutorials. Quite frankly it’s a fascinating process to watch, very dynamic and somewhat unpredictable, at least to the untrained eye. From what I’ve gathered there are a number of ways to approach it, but the core of it is melting coloured waxes and manipulating the liquid form on a canvas or paper. There seem to be many different suggested formulas for the wax, lots of artists creating their own from pigment powders and different wax pellets or shavings. This is kind of similar to the lotion bars and lip products that I used to make, so, familiar territory.

What fascinates me most is the ways the wax can be manipulated using hot tools. Even a hot glue gun with crayons jammed inside is interesting — though I am sure many purist artists wouldn’t be fond of this technique. It’s got such a long history, even used by the Egyptians (any wonder I like it?)

As I’m not sure what their photo sharing policies are, here are just a couple links to some artists’ websites that I have found really inspirational, making me want to try out the medium. I highly recommend checking them out.

Mary Armstrong

Pamela Dorris Dejong

And i’ll include the video that I first watched about the technique. I love this youtube channel and their products seem quite interesting too:


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