Art Blogging 8: Create something

Today’s art blogging challenge is one of the more arduous ones as I’m supposed to create some piece of art. I find it so much easier and faster to just do a quick research post, instead of sitting down with art supplies to do something creative. In any case, today I did a quick watercolour flower to meet the goal.DSC_0829

Well, truthfully I used watercolour pencils. I recognize the limitations of this approach to watercolours, but most of the time I am not looking to create a masterpiece but just play around with the medium, so the pencils are a lot of fun. If you haven’t tried them before, then i’ll explain: they look like coloured pencils, and work in a similar way. You draw on the watercolour paper, lightly shade, and blend colours by overlapping. Then you take a little water and a clean paintbrush (I prefer 1 small one and 1 larger one) and blend the water with the pencil drawing. It turns it into watercolour paint and you can push it around and work with it on the paper. It dries pretty quickly as well, and you can try different techniques (wet on wet, using the pencil as paint directly, etc.)

As has been the theme so far through this blogging adventure, art for me is much more about fun and relaxation than trying to produce something significant. I don’t say this to undermine the things that I create, but rather to remove any pressure I might put on myself during the creative process.


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