Art Blogging 6: Old art journals

So for today’s art blogging post, the topic is old art journals – I’m talking about stuff from back in high school, yeesh. Luckily I dug up one not too long ago, from my fashion design class, and it has a number of sketches that I’m not too embarrassed about to share.

Now, keep in mind that these are some fairly old sketches, and my sense of style and artistry was developing… or starting to develop. (Sorry for the poor lighting in the photos, it’s a rainy day here and they looked worse edited.)

#1: The Elephant Dress


This was either for an assignment where we had to make an outfit inspired by an animal, or some sort of self-imposed project to do the same thing. There were a few iterations on the page but I think this elephant dress had the most potential. You can see the lovely tusk-inspired sleeves, big eared shoulders, and some sort of trunk-like stripe down the front. Does this seem like an adult version of a toddler’s romper? Perhaps, perhaps. We’ll never know.

#2: The Wrap Dress


An attempt at something a little more on-trend in the mid-2000s. From other drawings around this page I see that I had a big thing for yellow and pink at the time. The squiggles were meant to be tree branches, I think. Overall not terrible, though perhaps a little garish were it made in those exact colours.

#3: The Theoretical Prom Dress


I remember doodling this in art class during free time and I was convinced that I would make it for my prom dress. This was clearly destined to never happen as it is a) a colour I would almost never wear, b) far too etherial for my inter-city prom and c) a ton of labour to make it look like this design exactly. Needless to say I wore a real dress from a store. But I do think this isn’t terrible, rather a sweet memento of my high school creativity.

So there you have it. Unfortunately my career as a fashion designer ended at the same time that course did, but at least I have these drawings to remember it by…!


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