Art Blogging 4: My own work

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I love working with oil paints, but I’m not particularly good at foreground details yet. This may become very obvious as I share here a painting that I worked on earlier this year, which I think has quite a pretty sky and clouds, but a preliminary attempt at a foreground that I hope to eventually revisit and work over.


And, yeah, there is some glare in the photo. I don’t have the painting on hand at the moment to take a new one, so my apologies.

This was my real first foray into oil after watching a bunch of tutorials on how to paint skies. I find youtube tutorials to be incredibly helpful and inspirational, there are some fantastic artists out there who are willing to share their techniques and tricks to the public.

I used a photo as reference though I took a lot of creative liberties. It’s from the beach not far from my parent’s house, a night that my mom and I took the dog to the beach just around sunset and the sky was a lovely purple and violet. In the very least I think I captured that part of the scene right.


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