Art Blogging 3: Favourite mediums

This will probably be one of the shorter posts for this series but I thought it would be nice to evaluate the art mediums that I personally like working in. I’ve dabbled in quite a few, taking art classes in school and university, and recreationally too.

My favourite painting medium is oil, as I think most people would agree that the great part about it is the ability to work over several sessions before it dries. It’s also a really soft sort of medium and I love doing skies with it. Unfortunately I’m not quite delicate of hand enough to make great foregrounds in oil quite yet, but I’ll get there. A close second is acrylic because I think it is incredibly versatile and easily manipulated. Most of my paintings are done in acrylic despite oil being my preference. I don’t often have the space available to leave oil paintings up on the easel for long periods of time (I’m so afraid of knocking them over…). I’m quite bad at watercolour but I do like watercolour pencils, which don’t necessarily achieve the same things but can be nice on their own.

Outside of painting I do work with fibre art sometimes. I’ve been doing rug hooking for a couple of years since I learned it at a summer job, and I also do thread and bead embroidery. I’ve got some pieces that I might share over the course of the month when the opportunity arises to share some photos of my own work. I’ve studied fashion design briefly and was taught to sew by my mom but I am not great at following patterns or instructions so I wouldn’t exactly list that as a particular medium that I excel at.

And finally, as you probably already know, dear reader, I do love photography. I took classes on using the darkroom and developing my own film and prints, and it was a lot of fun – I’d love to have the opportunity to set up something like that at home some day. In the mean time I have a Canon DSLR and it is fantastic. I’m still learning all the features and techniques with it but I think I am starting to get some great results.

Sorry for the late post today, but my 3-day streak of Art Blogging is still going strong!! I know three days isn’t that big an accomplishment… but I’ll take what I can get. Thanks for reading, and if you’ve got an interesting art medium that you like to use, let me know what it is in the comments! I’m always interested to learn about new things!!


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