Admete, Princess of Tiryns

After a brief break, we’re going to resume looking at some interesting women from antiquity and myth! This week we are starting off again with Admete.

Who was Admete?

Admete (sometimes spelled Admeta) was a mythological princess of Tiryns, a Mycenaean stronghold in the Peloponnese. Her father was King Eurystheus, and they were a family line descended from Perseus.

What stories does she appear in?

She is part of the tale of the twelve labours of Heracles. Apollodorus says that she is the one that desired the girdle of Hippolyte the Amazon, and so her father commanded Heracles to go get it. After much hassle the belt is brought back to Admete’s father, who is said to be in Mycenae at the time.

Does she participate in this adventure?

There is some speculation that she actually went along with Heracles on this adventure, to retrieve the girdle.

What else did she do?

Well, according to Athenaeus’ Scholar’s Banquet, she was a priest of Hera at Argos. There’s a very exciting story about her fleeing away with the image of the goddess and being captured by pirates, but the image was too heavy for them to sail with, so she managed to get away and purify the image, and brought it to Samos.

A short story, but an interesting woman nonetheless! One can only imagine what other tales must have existed about her that never got written down!


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