Quietly Enjoying the Sunshine

I’ve been rather slow of posting lately, and you’ll have to blame the wonderful sunshine we’ve been getting. Somehow I am much less motivated to write when I could be outdoors enjoying the warm weather and lying in my hammock.

I had the great pleasure of seeing two old friends this week who were coincidentally both visiting Nova Scotia, independent of one another. One was my high school best friend, who is doing a cross-country tour for her book and mental health campaign. She stayed the night on her extremely long journey and it was very nice to catch up. The other friend was from Guelph and though ourIMG_2703 visit was short (he was here for a job interview) it was a lot of fun. I’d be delighted if he ended up getting the job and moved out here! So fingers crossed for that.

All that being said, I’ve been spending a lot of time in Halifax proper lately. Living out in the country, it’s easy to forget how big and metropolitan Hali can be – and I know it’s not very much either of those. But being able to get a Starbucks and go browse Urban Outfitters on Barrington Street reminds me of life back in Ontario and it’s a bit nostalgic. Can’t say I dislike being able to go right down to the harbour front afterwards and look at all the boats.

This weekend is supposed to be sunny on Saturday but rain on Sunday, which is disappointing as I was hoping to go to Annapolis Royal for their rare and unusual plant sale. It’s a bit of a drive (about 2 hours each way) to do in mediocre weather, hard to make a day out of it. I’m hoping that the rain pushesIMG_2713 off till Monday, so we will have to wait and see. I’d like to be able to go have a look around Acadia too, even though I’ve been around the campus before. I’ll be looking at it with new eyes as a student there!

Finally, I’m getting ideas about turning an ugly patch of yard out front into a garden of some kind. I went out today with clippers and a rake and worked at getting a tiny corner of it somewhat manageable. Years of neglect has meant that a lot of plant life has built up, especially raspberry shrubs and other things with horrible thorns. The deer and rabbit have easy access to the space unfortunately, so we have to be conscious of that. On the upside the spot is in full sun and is really quite prettily situated. I’ve got a before picture to share, but it may be a while before any afters are ready!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Brauron series I have been posting so far. I’ve got to start writing the second half, regarding the architecture and archaeology of the site. It’s really fascinating in my opinion and I have given some lectures about it. I’ve got some future series in the works as well so keep an eye out for those soon!


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