Heartwood Restaurant with my brother! (Vegetarian, Halifax NS)

Last week I accompanied my brother on his job hunt in the city and when we had had enough of that, I suggested we go to this restaurant that was not too far from his apartment. I had read about it on another blog and since I no longer live nearby St John’s Sprout restaurant, I was keen to get another veggie catering locale under my belt. IMG_2643

Heartwood is located in the middle of Quinpool, so we parked behind the grocery store across the street and walked over (thankful for this nice weather finally!) Bro had never heard of this place but that’s not surprising. He’s happy to go along with vegetarian restaurants but is the furthest from a vegetarian you could be. Anyhow, we found the place easily and it wasn’t particularly busy, which was nice – I think we were there mid-afternoon on a Thursday. We weren’t super hungry but needed a snack so we took a very long time looking over the menu, as one does when you’re allowed to eat everything as opposed to 1 or 2 veggie options.

We got the Heartwood bowl to split, which is much like what you’d expect from a veggie bowl. Rice, greens, veggies and tofu, with a choice of sauces. Bro picked the spicy peanut sauce which I never would have chosen, but it was pretty tasty. I have a slight aversion to peanut sauces after eating way too much African Peanut Soup one time, but that’s no comment on the quality. I think the tomato sauce would have been really good as well.

I had a Propeller root beer also, which was awesome. Not new for me to try but it had been ages. When the drinks were brought out the water came in mason jars, to which my brother gave me a very pointed look – “See?? It’s that kind of place!!” But we both had a nice time nonetheless. He cleaned his plate which is a pretty high compliment for a non-vegetarian who wasn’t even that hungry.

And as a sad addendum which speaks to the quality of produce I was enduring while living in Newfoundland, the broccoli that came with our bowl was so beautiful. It was literally the most lovely green I had seen as long as I could remember. I felt almost bad eating it because it looked so healthy and fresh. Almost.

I’m looking forward to going back and trying some more things from the menu when I have a bigger appetite. The location was really convenient to the places I usually go when in the city, so I can see myself dragging friends and family there on future occasions. In case you’re interested, check out their website here: http://www.iloveheartwood.ca

(And a note to self: bring your damn camera with you, iPhone photos are terrible!)


3 thoughts on “Heartwood Restaurant with my brother! (Vegetarian, Halifax NS)

  1. I used to see their goods at the market but never went into the restaurant. A must try when I return. I have just moved from PEI to Toronto (a town east of it) so I don’t know when, but I will be back. Great post, Cheryl


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