Chasing Rabbits

I wish I had a better photo to accompany this story, even though it is short. The funniest thing happened this afternoon when we had the dog out on the lawn.


We live in the country so that means a fair share of wild critters come out. Mostly we see them in the late evenings and early mornings. This afternoon it was bright and sunny and warm, so we had Maddy out for a run.

Out of nowhere, two rabbits came running up the driveway! Or maybe they were hares. Anyways, they weren’t overly large, so probably young. The one that was slightly larger went right down the driveway towards the woods across the yard – and right between Maddy and me! We both did a double take and before I could stop her, puppy was off like a shot after the bunny. The other rabbit was skirting the yard to avoid the dog. It was a rather cunning plan to get across the property, I suppose.

We took off after Maddy because she had disappeared into the woods. Andy found her eventually, though I heard a big yelp before he got to her – I suspect she ran into a tree or something. She’s real cute but not always the sharpest. Not a natural born hunter, at least.

She’s inside now having a nap on the rug so I think she faired well after that adventure. It was pretty funny, and I hope the rabbits aren’t too traumatized, wherever it was they were heading.


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