Moving on!

I’m in the midst of getting ready to move. I’ve got a one-way ticket back to Nova Scotia for this coming Monday. As you might imagine, this means my life is incredibly busy trying to coordinate everything.

I’ve been in this apartment for two years, which is a pretty long time for me. I’m a rather dab hand at moving by now, I think this is something like the 15th move I’ve done in the course of my life. Going to university for as many years as I have means that number is higher than normal… and from where I stand, that’s not going to change any time soon! Back to the south shore for a few months, then up to Wolfville. I’m very excited to live in the valley again, I haven’t properly since I was a wee tyke.

I always forget how many little things there are to take care of, especially when you are flying and have to ship stuff. I’ve got some anxiety about flying with my guitar, as I’m planning on carrying it on board and don’t want to have it turned away at the gate. I’ve never had a problem flying with my baritone ukulele, which is only slightly smaller than my 3/4 classical. Fingers crossed, I don’t know what I’ll do if they turn it away – I only have a (well-padded) soft case so they can’t throw it in the hold. It should fit on the floor if I can get on the plane early. I’m also shipping my record player via regular postal service, which I suspect is going to be expensive. It’s the quickest way to get it though, and I want it sooner rather than later.

I’m hoping I’ll have time for more regular posting soon. In the meantime I’ve got a few queues left. I hope you’ve all been enjoying my new series about Brauron, it should be getting around to discussing the archaeology of the site soon…but the preamble is important and interesting!

And as a final note, I changed my twitter handle from queenotrera to @reblize. Otrera proper is taken and so I am just reverting to using this shortened version of Rebecca Eliza. Hope the transition isn’t too confusing!


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