Sea Spray


My brother is extraordinarily patient with my weird ideas. Or, perhaps it is better to say that he is always happy to go along with them. When I got my new camera a few years ago as a graduation gift I was searching out all sorts of places we could go within driving distance that might make for interesting photographs.

There are so many beaches on Nova Scotia’s south shore, not all of them user friendly, but most are quite beautiful. I heard rumour about a neat one that was rather difficult to access, so I drew up a route as best I could and we set off in the car to find it.

The waves were huge when we found the spot. There were a few other people there but it was pretty secluded and everyone kept to themselves. I was looking for fossils, too, but I don’t think I found anything that day. I took the photo above of the waves crashing on the rocks. Just out of frame my brother was sitting down, waiting very patiently until I had had all my fun. It was a great day.


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