Ancient History News Roundup: April 4 2015

ancienthistory banner 2It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! There’s a few things in the news lately that prompted me to make another history news post.

1000-year-old Salve Recipe Kills MRSA Cultures (link here)

You may have seen this one in your news feeds last week. What a cool thing to find! I love when history and science team up to do great things. Most interesting is that the ingredients for this recipe are fairly standard things – onions, garlic, bile, a copper bowl – which are not what we think of when we discuss ways to kill viruses!Saqqara-Tomb-Discovery

Two 6th-Dynasty Tombs Discovered Near Saqqara (link here)

The photos of these tombs are really great. I love the images of offerings that are painted on the walls. I haven’t studied funerary offerings too in depth but they are fascinating and I would love to see more focused photos of the artwork.

2,300-year-old Hoard of Silver Coins, Jewelry found in Israel (link here)

Some really neat handfuls of treasure, it looks like! I think ancient earrings are especially interesting to look at. This hoard was found in a cave by a club of cave explorers. It sounds like there were other finds in the cave too, like pottery that had been sitting so long, they have fused with the stalagmites! What awesome photos that would make! (None are currently online, unfortunately.)

Sturdy Roman Villa Unearthed in North Yorkshire (link here)

Archaeologists are digging up the foundations of a villa, and there sounds to be lots of excellent treasures around the site, too. Although, by treasure I mean bits of ancient construction material and glass, so maybe not a universal meaning. It also apparently had an underfloor heating system, which is a smart move for living in Yorkshire.

Archaeologists Unearth Ottoman War Camel in Austria (link here)

An interesting find, this camel is a hybrid of two other sorts of camel species. This made it larger and stronger for the purposes of the Ottomans. Not exactly a super-ancient story, but I think it is worth adding here.


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