End of Term Celebration

Yesterday was the last day of classes at my university, and even though I wasn’t taking any aside from my thesis course this semester, I still feel like it’s a special occasion. This was my last semester at this particular school, and I am so excited to be going home in a few weeks. I have a few weeks of work left to do for my research jobs, and some exams to give to my undergraduate students, but once that is done I am home free.

I’m doing my best at slowly whittling down the collection of things I have amassed in my apartment. I really hate moving even though I do it so often. I suppose I’ve at least learned how to do it fairly efficiently. It’s a little trickier when you’re moving to a different province and have to take a flight there, rather than driving, though. I’m still figuring out a way to ship everything else back. It’s not the most fun process, I will admit, and I have to find a suitable case for my guitar soon so that I can fly with it. I brought my other instruments back over Christmas so just the one to deal with, at least.

I’m still waiting for feedback on my thesis so I can’t really say that I am entirely done with school, yet, but I’m getting close. At the moment I am housesitting and there are so many animals here. There’s a bunny that is running around and jumping on the couch with me. He’s kind of a bully, actually. The cats are rather afraid of him.

Anyways, still working on what my plans will be for the future, or at least the near future. I’m participating in Camp Nanowrimo and trying to edit my novel, so that is my goal for the month of April. I am excited/nervous about moving forward with that particular project after the editing is done. In the meantime, I am developing some posts about writing and English in general that might be helpful for other authors or students, at least. Obviously my writing style is by no means perfect, but I think the study of literary techniques ends up being helpful.

Hope everyone is having a nice start to April!


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