Mail-Order Groats

As it is really hard to find unique food items here in St John’s, I recently ordered a bag of buckwheat groats (also known as Sarrasin, I discovered, which is a much prettier name). They came in the mail yesterday and I am really pleased with them so far! I’ve used buckwheat flour many, many times, particularly for pancakes and soba noodles, but I had only seen the unprocessed kernels of the plant online.

First I have to tell you that they are adorable. As a “pseudocereal” the buckwheat plant is not actually related to wheat, and is safe for gluten free Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 4.36.48 PMdiets. The groats are really popular in Eastern Europe and Asia, but not so much here in Canada outside of specialty diets. The kernels are little triangular pyramid-shapes, and are crunchy and nice to eat on their own.

I haven’t tried incorporating the groats into any recipes yet so I am looking forward to doing that this weekend. I hear they make a nice addition in granola, in baking, and as a sort of cereal. I’ll have to report back my findings!

This particular bag, from Eden Organic, cost a little over $5 Canadian, and shipped free from Amazon. It took about a week to get here. As the kernels are quite small I think this sized bag is a pretty good deal for the price.


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