Proofreading Woes

I’m very nearly over my cold (or at least I keep insisting that I am; I don’t think I’m contagious anymore at least), so tomorrow I am foraying back to work. I have something rather exciting in the works right now in terms of future plans, but I won’t say any more right now in case it falls through. But look forward to an announcement perhaps soon!

I spent most of today reworking an old paper that I wrote. It’s so funny to go over something that I had submitted for grades, only to see clear errors in the work. Either my professors didn’t care much about the grammar issues, or they didn’t give it too close a read. I’m finding myself rewriting large sections for clarity’s sake and hunting down new citations for unsupported statements I made. Sigh. I only wrote this last year. I can be so clumsy sometimes.

I’m a terrible proofreader. I’ve been told I’m also far too easy a marker when it comes to essays. I can’t help but overlook awkward phrasing for the sake of ‘personal style’ in writing. I am working hard to be better at this, but it’s particularly tough with my own work. Hence reading something a year later (when I am certain I proofread this at the time) and finding so many errors. I try and read my work out loud to improve the clarity, which does help.

This week is rather busy so I hope I have time to write some new posts. I’m just itching to do more food blogging but I don’t have access to a nice kitchen for a couple more weeks. When May hits, be ready for an overwhelming number of vegetarian recipes. I can’t wait!


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