Speaking in Tongues

Last night I logged back onto Duolingo for the first time in a while. I had let my lessons slip up and the little learning owl sat there in the corner in a coach’s outfit, judging me. Luckily that didn’t put me off for starting the introductory lessons for yet another language. I was hoping to give Russian a go as I have been watching Russian cooking videos on youtube and would like to try and learn without the subtitles, but that course is still in development. So I picked Irish instead.

Let me tell you, it is certainly different than the other languages I’ve tried! I’m enjoying it so far and am terrible at the pronunciation. I’m also starting on Esperanto on lernu! which is a new site for me so I’m still figuring things out. I think Esperanto will really appeal to me with the simple grammar rules.

I’m not particularly talented at languages. I think this is why I keep trying to learn new ones. Obviously my native language in English, and I was in French immersion when I was very young, and took it intermittently in high school. I passed my French language exams a few months ago for my Master’s degree so that’s probably adequate. Additionally, I’ve tried a year of German, a semester of Spanish, a year of Ancient Greek, and five years of Latin. I’ve been known to dabble in Tolkien’s Elvish, as well.

I think every time you learn a new language it helps build skills for learning the next language after that. It’s only gotten easier after understanding how grammar and syntax works to then apply similar principles to the next thing. Though I recognize that my language experiences are generally from the romance languages, and they are all related, anyways.

I am keen to eventually try Russian and Korean. For now I think online learning programs are the way for me; I don’t have time to sit through entire language classes anymore. Good thing its only for my own satisfaction – I can be as terrible at it as I want!


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