Looming Deadlines

I’m writing what I hope is my last draft of my thesis. Final submission is 10 days from now, and my supervisor is looking for a revision copy tomorrow — ahhh! No fear, however. I am well on my way to being done and with a little more work today and a few hours tomorrow I’ll have something ready to be polished and handed in.

Of course, I am having a hard time finishing this paper in general, as my mind is drifting off to fictional writing all the time. I can only feel grateful that my thesis topic has provided me with ample background knowledge for the plot of the novel I have written. Being stuck in the editing stage for both projects is kind of a downer. I didn’t realize how much less fun it would be than the actual writing.

In any case, I’m back in St. John’s for the last 5 weeks of my time here. The flight back from Halifax was horrendous but is in the past now. I must do my best to enjoy the last few weeks on the island, and try not to pine too much for Nova Scotia!


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