Buried in the Snow

As all my long-suffering Bluenosers know, we had a huge dumping of snow across Nova Scotia last night. I flew in to Halifax between the storm on Monday and the one last night, despite continuous bad weather in St. John’s. I can’t believe I made it out but I did!

I remember winters on the east coast growing up where we had snow over the windows, once memorably in Bedford and several times in Kentville and Moncton. This winter would certainly be one to rival those. There’s about 7 feet of snow on the front patio and the pile from clearing the driveway is nearly double my dad’s height. It’s an impressive sight to be sure.

About 7 ft high outside the kitchen window.
About 7 ft high outside the kitchen window.

Maddy was outside digging a snow fort while my parents were clearing the snow off the roof so I had to go join in. She built the most impressive cave, I was able to climb inside with her for a photo op. I’m terribly impressed by her technical skills, maybe not so much about her architectural design. I kept thinking it would cave in and trap her as the snow was all powder.

I’m spending the week here before flying back home and am trying to make the most of it while I can. I’ve got some posts arranged for a few days but you may see some more glimpses into my snowy world here (most likely just photos of Maddy, though)! Hope all you other maritimers are staying warm!


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