Gifts for Classicists and Ancient History Lovers

There comes a time every year when I am desperate to find the perfect gift for my friends and classmates who are so dedicated to the niche field of Classical Studies as me. So, to solve this problem, I’ve pulled together a great range of gift ideas for the classicist in my (and your) life!

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t get enough of Greco-Roman themed things. Sure, it’s cheesy. Often inaccurate. But it’s so representative of this thing that I love that is very removed from the experiences of my everyday life. There’s something cheerful about seeing a bust of Caesar mixed in among the other things on my bookshelf. And yes, receiving books as gifts is amazing, but you already knew that. Here are some more diverse suggestions.

Korres cosmetic products are not only fantastic in quality and full of natural ingredients, but have a great Classical connection. The company is Greek and started off from a homeopathic pharmacy in Athens. Now you can find the products at Sephora and other retailers, and this particular set is from the Wild Rose line, available here.

And as we couldn’t get through a list like this without featuring a cool statue, I’ve picked this bust that appears to be of Artemis. It has a lovely serene countenance and is available over on Sweetpea & Willow for £55.00. Also check local home decor shops, as they often carry a decorative bust. Make sure it’s classical, and not an unsettling man in a powdered wig.

clasgift1Two cute tops here that have a nice Greek theme. The first is a long-sleeve top that has the names of the Greek gods arranged into a helmet shape. Very cute! That’s available here on Overstock, right now for $38.98. The other is a long t-shirt that would be great with leggings. It’s available here at Missguided for $36.00.
clasgift2This green bag is the perfect size for lugging around notebooks and archaic texts (and maybe a packed lunch too) instead of a backpack. It’s available here on lastcall for $52.00. If you want to find alternatives to this exact one just try searching for a ‘greek key duffle bag’ or something along those lines. Next I’ve included DIPTYQUE Philosykos eau de toilette. It’s described as an ‘ode to a fig tree’ and is a lovely choice for a perfume for your equally lovely classicist. It’s available at Selfridges&Co for £75.00, but you can probably find it at other department stores in your area if you check online.
clasgift4I love this modern art interpretation of the Birth of Venus on a pillow. Would be adorable in any apartment, and the colours are so bold and cheerful. It’s reversible with a solid blue back. it’s available at PureHome, for $50.00.

Last but not least, one of my favourite finds! This set of four espresso cups and and saucers are themed after four Greek gods — Zeus, Prometheus, Poseidon, and Aeolus (I’ll let their choice of Prometheus slide). Subtle classical references but definitely won’t be missed by the discerning academic eye. These are available on Fab for $78.00!

So that’s my picks for now! I hope this has helped inspire you when gift hunting for your favourite ancient historian. And note that these opinions are all my own, I’m not endorsed by any of these companies. Thanks for reading!


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