The times, they are a-changin’

Rooting around through old photos gave me an idea. Here it is.


This is me, nearly 19 years apart. On the left, age 4, and on the right, age 23. Please note the evolution of my cowlick, for in my youth I vainly attempted to wear bangs, that ended up springing in various directions. I have since embraced the side-swoosh. It has served me well. I also grew into my nose. Or maybe it grew into me. Hard to say.

The interesting thing is that in my head, more often I visualize myself as the kid on the left. Maybe being an adult just hasn’t sunk in yet. I can’t say that it’s really a bad thing, because I have shared the following advice with people in regard to self-criticism: when you are hard on yourself, can you imagine telling the same thing to yourself as a child? You are still that child, after all.

When I fail at doing something, and think “god, that was dumb. You’re so stupid,” to myself, I picture that kid on the left up there standing in front of me, and saying those words to her. It seems cruel. This practice has given me great emotional healing over the years. It’s an exercise in loving yourself. And, I suppose, all the versions of yourself throughout time.


2 thoughts on “The times, they are a-changin’

  1. Hey I’m over 70 and still think of myself as a young one – well maybe not quite as young as you do but a raging teenager definitely!!
    I’ll agree with you on the self criticism harsh words scenario – doesn’t do you any good as that young child will just wonder why you felt that way. These days I tend to go – ‘oops won’t do that again in hurry’ and move on. No point in my chastising a teenager – they never listen to you anyway 🙂
    Oh and thanks for the follow. Here’s hoping you find some things in Still Waters that are of interest to you
    Take care


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