Ancient History News Roundup: Feb 28 – March 7

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Coming out a little later this week again! Like so many other historians, archaeologists and scholars, recently I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the damage done to Assyrian archaeological sites by ISIS. While I am still processing this information, I’ll include a handful of links on the subject for your perusal.

ISIS attacks Nimrud, a major Archaeological site in Iraq (link here)

Rundown of the situation at Nimrud by the New York Times, if they’re a source that you trust.

ISIS militants bulldoze ancient archaeological site in Iraq (link here)

Similar story, different sources.

Neolithic Town Unearthed at Greece’s Alepotrypa Cave (link here)

I think I reported before about the two skeletons found embracing each other dating approx. 6,000 years ago. This is a continuation of the story at that site, where they’ve now uncovered an ancient town and burial complex. The neolithic structures were built over by the Mycenaeans about 2,000 years later.TURVKHI-W094_1__TU_2333767f

Ancient Roman coins and artefacts discovered (link here)

Some neat Roman coins have been found by archaeologists outside of Tirupur in India. The images aren’t quite clear and the coins aren’t quite clean, but I’d be interested to see what was actually portrayed on them. This certainly adds to the interesting conversation about the trade routes East of Rome.

Parks and Occupation: Archaeology in the new security (link here)

Great article about archaeology being used as a political tool, particularly in Israel. Go read it.

2,700-Year-Old Osiris Statues, Small Sphinx Unearthed at Karnak (link here)

Some 25th Dynasty artifacts have been discovered in dig sites at Karnak. Some of the pieces are absolutely gorgeous (see the image below. Sounds like a pretty wide range of things discovered, including several statue inlay pieces. Can’t wait to see them all!

Be still my heart (click thru for article)

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