Toronto Mystery Tunnels Resolved

So, the best and most hilarious outcome has come to pass. Rather than being the scene of some sinister plot, the weird tunnel found in Toronto near the future site of the Pan Am Games was just two dudes making a fort. Kind of amazing. I saw that no criminal charges were being pursued yesterday but today it came out that it was “literally them doing it for a place to hang out”, according to Const. Victor Kwong.

Now that the whole thing has been downgraded into an absolute non-situation, I think it’s become a great writing prompt. I can see english teachers around the nation giving creative writing assignments to their class, writing new outcomes for what the tunnel might have been (would kids assume some nefarious activity as adults/the media do? I don’t know where their heads are at these days).

Additionally, imagine the stress hell these two nerds have been in these past few days. Their weird underground fort is discovered and taken to be some sort of plot against the Pan Am games, or something. I would have folded like a cheap suit and gone running to confess, I think, before it got any bigger. But how are you to know that you wouldn’t be charged? I have no idea if there are laws against digging random holes. I assume you need permits. What about wires and stuff underground? I guess this is why I don’t go digging forts in public parks.

Now I’m just waiting for the guys to come forward with their own stories and really sell it. I bet they could come up with a great backstory for the project. Hell, they said the thing was hand-dug, that must’ve been one covert operation to have it go undiscovered for this long. What unintentional masterminds.

(article in The Star here)


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