Introduction to my dog

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Since her birthday is coming up, I thought it would be fun to introduce the blogging world to my favourite dog in the world. Maddy (Madeleine) is going to be 7 years old which I find impossibly hard to believe. We picked her up from the breeders’ back when I was finishing 11th grade. She’s a golden retriever and probably the light of my life.

Unfortunately I have been absent for most of Maddy’s life. I was living at home for her first year of life but started university shortly thereafter, a trend that has continued for the last six years. I have no idea if she thinks I’m actually a bright eyespart of the household or just a visitor who comes for extended stays, coinciding with that time of year that there’s a tree in the house and that other time when the snow goes away.

Due to my absentee status in her life I tend to act like a doting aunt towards Maddy and bring her gifts every time I go home. She’s become very good at patiently expecting presents after my arrival, sniffing around at suitcases. She is a very polite dog, and does not touch things that have not explicitly been given to her. It’s kind of weird, actually. But she loves her toys and there are closets with mangled stuffed animals pouring out from within, if you know where to look.

For an animal with webbed feet, she is very wary about the water. She will deign to splash in the waves where she can stand, but she won’t go further out in the ocean than that. When she was a puppy we had a swimming pool, and she was brought in the water — not let go, mind you — and I think it gave her a permanent aversion to swimming. Can’t say it’s really a bad thing, though. Surely it minimizes the wet dog smell.

I’m going home for a week near the end of March and can’t wait to see Maddy. Being far enough away that I need to fly to and fro makes it hard. I can talk to my family over the phone, but despite her brilliance she has yet to master using a telephone. You can be sure my instagram will flood with photos once I have her at my disposal.

My sweet sleepy puppy over the years.
My sweet sleepy puppy over the years.

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